Sunday, October 28, 2017
Writen: Sunday, August 27, 2017
Time: 13.51 wita
Place: HSH (home sweet home)
Current mood: not fully blessed
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Last night I was dreaming about 

D.O. It happens when I’m no longer want to thinking about him anymore. That dream makes my heart slightly flustered by him once again when I’m trying to irresponsive our friend-but-i-like-him friendship.

Honestly I dont know why am I dreaming about him. Is that him whose have a thought about me or the universe is trying to test my faith? I’m not sure which one is the answer, because since the LD’s training till the time I’ve dreamt about him and today I continuing write my late-wrote-and-soon-to-post note, I’m still struggling (asek bahasanya) to blow him away from my mind. Tsk tsk.
And I guarantee you, I didn’t do it on purpose. Thinking about him.
Huvt. I don’t know what to write wkwk.

Kiranya dengan di lanjutkan dan di pos note ini akan menghapus pikiran-pikiran aneheheheh.

ahiya, sebenarnya note ini ditulis tanggal 27 Agustus kemarin beberapa jam setelah kejadian. Tetapi karena ‘sesuatu dan lain hal’ tidak sempat diselesaikan, dan baru bisa terselesaikan dan di post pada hari ini karena gue tidak sengaja melihat-lihat note di handphone gue. Hehe

Berikut gue lampirkan hasil screenshot note gue.

Okay. Sekian. Byere~